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Tin Tower e.V.

Who are we?

TinTower e. V. is a young association with headquarters in Wolkenburg-Kaufungen. Founded in 2021 by young people who want to bring more culture and above all music back to their West Saxon homeland. The aim is to revive culture in rural areas and to give young people the opportunity to participate in cultural development. The focus should therefore be on the organization of rock-pop concerts. Up-and-coming bands from the region get the opportunity to stand on a stage together with professional bands.

Another aim of the association is to bring together enthusiastic young people who want to test themselves with creativity and passion for an honorary event. It creates a framework for young people to try themselves out and learn their skills in terms of organising an event.

The founding members of the association have been active as musicians themselves for years, know the scene and know about the lack of opportunities for young musicians to get performances and to be able to show themselves. As “TinTower” we have been organising the Youth Band Festival in cooperation with the city of Limbach-Oberfrohna for 2 years. There we were able to gain experience in band booking, stage and technology organisation as well as public relations work.

To inspire young people with passion for volunteering, even without special training, with courage for new things, to learn to share responsibility, to leave room for challenges and to carry them together as a team – that’s what TinTower stands for.

What are we going to do?

For our first year, we are planning the Happy Brook Festival in collaboration with the Working Group Youth, Youth Clubs and with the support of the city of Limbach-Oberfrohna on September 3, 2022. At this one-day event several bands and DJ’s will perform and approx. 1000 visitors are expected. The festival takes place on the Festwiese in Pleißa OT Limbach-O. because the enclosed green area, the gymnasium and electricity and water are optimally available. This area is also well suited as it is centrally located in the city area and visitors can even reach Happy Brook by public transportation or on foot.

If we manage to generate enough donations and funding for our project, this event day should be accessible to all visitors as free as possible. Free of charge, because we really want to give everyone access to culture, regardless of financial means and mobility. allen einen Zugang zur Kultur ermöglichen wollen, unabhängig von finanziellen Möglichkeiten und eigener Mobilität.

In addition, it will be a platform on which young Saxon bands can present themselves in front of an audience. The artists are a mix of regional up-and-coming bands and professional bands/artists from all over Germany. An artist known by radio and Instagram will entertain the audience through the evening as a moderator.

The catering of the festival visitors is provided by small regional entrepreneurs.

We’re looking for support!

Have we aroused your interest? Our team is still looking for support in the form of donations (as a non-profit organization we issue donation receipt), companies that support the project by advertising banners and of course Manpower during the set-up and dismantling as well as on the day of the event. Through their involvement, we enable young people to participate creatively in the project and give them an opportunity to look behind the scenes of such an event.

We look forward to meeting you or welcoming you at the Happy Brook Festival on Festival Day! Club members are also welcome at any time!

TinTower e.V.